Our Capabilities

Steel Structures Capabilities

AlanDick structures are commonplace on every continent supporting cellular and broadcast systems at heights from 15m up to 500m.

Initially established to supplement the broadcast antenna division over 50 years ago, AlanDick structures have been deployed on cellular and broadcast networks on a worldwide basis.

AlanDick has a reputation for attention to detail in design, manufacture, implementation and after sales attention both regionally in Asia and elsewhere in the world. Our structures are built to last and represent wise long term infrastructure investment for clients.

AlanDick (B), based in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, has available in it’s portfolio the complete range of AlanDick structure products, together with structural, drawing, project management and implementation services for clients. Our structural engineers are internationally Chartered Professional Engineers with decades of experience in designing telecommunications structures for special situations and analyzing existing structures for upgrades.

Our team is immediately available to service clients in the Asia-Pacific region whether it be in relation to site surveys of new/existing structures, design of new ones, analysis of 3rd party structures and/or the strengthening of them.

Tower & Mast Products
  • Self-supporting structures (3 or 4 legged up to 300m)
  • Guyed Masts (up to 500m)
  • General Cellular structures
  • Offshore based structures subject to dynamic loading
Site Survey Services
  • Level 1 site surveys for database records (site information, GPS, elevation, topography, antennas, azimuths etc)
  • Level 2 surveys for collating existing detailed structure information (member sizes, foundation details, loading details etc)
  • Full condition site surveys (climb-downs) for operational assessment of existing structures, ancillaries, & telecommunications equipment.
  • Existing infrastructure utilization survey
Design/Analysis Services
  • Existing infrastructure utilization analysis including tower/structure strength & loading analyses
  • Tower strengthening recommendations and reporting
  • New structure design and detailing
  • Existing infrastructure upgrade design and detailing
  • Foundation installation (mass concrete, piling or special)
  • Tower erection (onshore or offshore, or in dry-dock)
  • Existing tower/mast strengthening and/or upgrading
  • Ancillaries installation and commissioning
  • RF & MW Equipment Installation and decommissioning
  • Complete tower refurbishment including bolts & member
    replacement, ancillaries servicing, repainting, feeder management
    house-keeping, re-painting, guy lubrication and re-tensioning
  • Periodic preventative maintenance site visits

Digital Broadcast Capabilities

AlanDick is a reputable brand recognized on a worldwide basis in the telecommunications industry. The name is synonymous with the delivery of quality products projects to large and small clients in the broadcast cellular sectors alike.

As our core area of business and expertise, the broadcast sector has been served by AlanDick for over 40 years. AlanDick delivers complex broadcast projects globally through AlanDick (UK) and regionally through the Brunei based AlanDick (B) Sdn. Bhd and Malaysian based AlanDick (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

With the global switch to terrestrial digital transmission (DVB-T) and the corresponding need to replan coverage frequency use and upgrade associated broadcast infrastructure facilities including the RF delivery system (Transmitters, combining circuits and antennas), AlanDick is the key strategic partner to work with you to achieve a cost-efficient, technically seemless and efficient transition from old technologies to new.

We have recent experience in providing products and services for the massive DSO rollout in the United Kingdom which has been running since 2008 locally have implemented new digital infrastructure in Brunei’s nationwide DSO (2008-2010).

Local Malaysian, Brunei and UK based Management and Technical experts are hence geared up and ready to assist your organization with the following expertise, consultancy services, and implementation services and products:

  • RF network system design & schematics
  • RF propagation calculation, design and plots
  • General broadcast systems advice on deployment, switchover techniques and scheduling
  • Existing infrastructure utilization analysis (site surveying) including tower/structure strength & loading analyses
  • Tower strengthening recommendations and reporting
Product Supply
  • Specialised tower design & supply (self-supporting structures up to 300m, guyed masts up to 500m)
  • Broadcast antenna array design and supply
  • Feeder system design and supply
  • Combining circuits system design and supply
  • Foundation and stub/piling QA
  • Tower erection QA
  • Specialized existing tower strengthening
  • Installation of combining systems, feeders and antennas
  • Testing & commissioning of entire RF system (combiner, antenna & feeders)
RF Field Strength Tests
  • Measurement, analysis and presentation