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Project Description

Client: MediaCorp (Simcom)
Entity: ADUK
Project Name: 225m Self Support Tower, TV and Radio Antennas
Year: 1995-97
Overview: AlanDick was appointed by MediaCorp in Singapore to implement this landmark project that would provide complete TV and FM coverage throughout the island country. The sizable project included the supply & installation of a 225m Self Support Tower, UHF & VHF TV Antennas, FM & DAB Radio Antennas & Multiple Feeders. AlanDick’s scope included the management, supply & installation of an AD7000 225m Self Support tower specially designed to mount four antenna systems (UHF TV, VHF TV, FM Radio, DAB Radio) for optimal field coverage, together with multiple feeders & accessories. The steel work for the structure was supplied by AlanDick (UK). AlanDick (Asia Pacific) manpower and expertise installed the tower and its accessories including, 16 tier UHF TV Panel antenna, 12 tier VHF TV Panel antenna, 8 tier FM Radio antenna and feeders.

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