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Project Description

Client: Brunei Shell Petroleum (Folec)
Entity: ADCB
Project Name: SHELL Brunei - C090129 - Loading Analysis (DMR Phase 1)
Year: 2014
Overview: Prior to the implementation of the planned Digital Microwave Upgrade by others, AlanDick (B) Sdn. Bhd. was contracted to conduct full structural analyses for planned future loadings of the DMR equipment on 8 onshore and offshore sites in the BSP telecommunications network. Sites involved were Champion 7, Magpie 1, Ampa 6, Fairley 4, SKB, VSL, Tutong and Muara. As part of the scope, ADCB conducted full analysis of each structure, producing reports on the structural adequacy of each sites infrastructure. Final presentations were given to the stakeholders on findings.

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Name SHELL Brunei – C090129 – Loading Analysis (DMR Phase 1) Date 11 Thu 2017 Author ad_admin