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Project Description

Client: Telekom Malaysia (TM)
Entity: ADMY
Project Name: Supply of FM Combiners for Telekom Malaysia (TM)
Year: 1993-94
Overview: This project was implemented for TM through Mahkota Technologies. Spreading over 2 years and numerous contracts, many of the FM combining units are still in operation today. Combining chains with up to 8 units were installed at: Gunung Raya, Layang Layang, Bkt. Lawa Mandu, Bkt. Kelapa, Bkt. Sigapon, Bkt. Tempalagus, Gunung Silam, Bkt. Trig, Bkt. Andrassy, Bkt. Singalang, Bkt. Mas, Bkt. Kayumalam, Bkt. Setiam, Bkt. Temuduk, Gunung Serapi, Kota Bharu, Bkt. Palong, Bkt. Tinggi, Bkt. Bakar and Bkt. Bauk (20 sites total)

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Name Supply of FM Combiners for Telekom Malaysia (TM) Date 11 Fri 2017 Author ad_admin